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Lois A Levin
Former Environment Editor, Newton TAB 

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Green Decade/Newton  


Charles River/Newton, Arin Hunter-Schlorholtz

Many citizens believe, as I do, that our society has a collective responsibility to future generations to mitigate the human-induced destabilization of the climate that is already underway. 

In order to dramatically lower CO2 emissions, prevent the unraveling of imperiled ecosystems and protect biodiversity, we must shift to non-carbon energy sources and make our transportation and agricultural systems more sustainable, while working to reduce waste and pollution. It’s a tall order, but we cannot afford to fail. While new approaches and strategies are being developed all the time to address problems related to climate change, scientific reports confirm that global warming is accelerating.

From 2005-2009 I edited the monthly Environment section of the Newton TAB. We published the 90 short articles posted here. They cover a wide range of topics about the global, regional, local and personal challenges confronting humanity due to a warming Earth. They were written by concerned local citizens, students and scientists, and each was a labor of love. They contain valuable information, sound policy, and varying degrees of optimism. I hope you enjoy reading them.

Newton, Massachusetts